Why Vote Freedom ?

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Why Vote ?

We believe the electoral system in the UK has been hopelessly corrupted. Whether you vote Labour, Lib dems or Conservatives it doesn’t really matter.
So why try and change anything through voting ? 
Because it remains one of the few avenues of change available to ensure truth, justice and upholding constitutional freedoms.
At a local level many of the ideas which have been discussed at global events such as Davos, COP26 and WEF, are now being implemented into local policy within local councils.
Independent candidates do not have to vote with the party whip. This is why independents can stand up for their constituents and the constitution. 
Becoming an MP or councillor may seem like an impossible task, however Independent candidates are frequently elected in local council elections.


Why Independent ?

Electing Independents to councils and parliaments offers the best route to ensuring that the genuine interests of the people are put first.

There are no party whips telling you how to vote as there would be if you were representing a political party.

Electing pro freedom independents will ensure that liberty, truth and integrity are properly defended. Constituents will have choice and access to a non party representative.

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