Where are we and what might be next?

Debbie Hicks was interviewed by Vote Freedom Coordinator Jonathan Tilt. Debbie was one of the original 20 anti-lockdown protesters in Parliament Square back in April 2020. Since then she has been a constant, energetic and inspirational presence at the heart of the freedom movement.

Debbie and Jonathan discuss where we are at in the globalists’ control agenda and what might possibly happen next. There are reasons for optimism and there are even more reasons we must remain focused and active.

2 thoughts on “Where are we and what might be next?”

  1. We must ALL insist that THEY (Sunak, Hunt, Mordant and Co) declare what Crypto they hold and in what quantities. They have inside info and it will be a conflict of interest to be holding it.
    THIS IS A MASSIVE ISSUE because they are deliberately making us poor and at the same time lining their pockets… the greatest transfer of wealth will be coming and they hide this from us. They are sweeping us under the carpet.

  2. Christine Godwin

    the young people (20s to 40s) that I speak to about climate change, digital centralised banking and 15 minute cities really don’t think there are any issues, they just think it is the contemporary response to creating a better functioning world. They talk about Brexit ‘followers’ as being the ones that stopped ease of travel and freedom in trade. My only answers so far have been – let’s have a debate as what you see isn’t what you are going to get. I would love to point them in the direction of accurate information on the social media but when I mentioned to my son about Agenda 2021 being known as the Depopulation Programme he was almost convinced by my argument as I had seen this populated on the internet as such by the perpetrators but it has been changed! You get re-directed to another ‘more up to date’ site. Needless to say, my conspiracy theorist label was quickly re-attached by my own off-spring! Where can I send them to see the ‘other’ side so that they can at least start to think about it. They totally believe in ULEZ, C02 levels, melting ice-caps and the end of the world is nigh unless you go quietly into your allocated box and be happy. HELP!

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