The most dangerous election manifesto.

The most dangerous general election manifesto.


Arguably all the manifestos currently on offer to the British electorate are fundamentally dangerous. They follow a two-fold pattern of ignoring the main issue, digital enslavement of the population, and focus instead on offering a wide range of unfunded sweeties to particular parts of the electorate. As always, the sweeties will be paid for through currency debasement which will further impoverish and enslave everyone. Public debt in the UK now amounts to more than a £1 million per taxpayer. Clearly this won’t ever be paid through tax so currency debasement (inflation) is the only option.

But even within this desperate collection of documents there is one manifesto which stands out for its subtle intention to further the globalist agenda of absolute state control.

Reform UK claim to be the voice of the people and the real opposition to the establishment parties. Many of those who actively campaigned against the covid tyranny are supporting them and some are even candidates. Dig a little deeper into their manifesto or “contract” and there is one policy that clearly highlights how they are being used to advance the globalist agenda.

“Reform” plan to exempt NHS employees from income tax for three years ostensibly to address a recruitment crisis. Three years will obviously morph into a permanent exemption. And once one group of employees has been exempted from tax what about other “worthwhile” causes. Police, military, teachers and pretty soon every public sector employee will be banging on that door. And the door will be wide open.

The policy is detailed here and a screenshot accompanies this post just in case it should vanish into the ether.

We will quickly move into two tier work and very quickly soon after a two tier society. Those who are essential to the state will be rewarded with not just tax exemptions but probably additional carbon credits and other benefits.

The state in the UK and elsewhere desperately wants this two tier society. The failed attempts to divide us into essential and non-essential at the start of the manufactured covid crisis signalled this intent.

The policy won’t be implemented as Reform won’t be forming a government. But if they do well or their allies in the mainstream media portray them as doing well a new Labour government will claim it has a green light to selectively implement some of their policies. This policy will be at the top of that very selective list.

I could go to town on Reform UK. On how they are a limited company run for the benefit of their privately educated elitist shareholders. About how they aren’t a membership party and even about how they don’t appear to understand the difference between UK and GB. Or perhaps their track record as lockdown enthusiasts and vaccine pushers.  I’ll leave all that as I really want you to think about this one policy. If you are tempted to vote Reform please consider how you may unwittingly be playing straight into our enemy’s hands.

Please don’t vote for the othering of non state employees.

4 thoughts on “The most dangerous election manifesto.”

  1. Boris Johnson promised 20,000 new nurses, so where are they? David Cameron promised to reduce immigration to “tens of thousands” so now we have hundreds of thousands more every year. Nigel Farage put pressure on the Tories to give the British Public a voice in their own future (the essence of freedom) and for that reason and many more, Reform will be getting my vote.

  2. Although over the last 4 years I have wanted to believe in Trumps ‘clean out the Swamp’ Anti- Globalists speel, it has become evident that he is ‘controlled opposition’. His mate Farage is ‘too good to be true’ on the surface, and IMO in the same boat.
    None of these peeps will really represent the Majority of ‘Normal everyday’ peeps.
    Interesting viewpoint Jonathon as ever keep up the fight you are aporeciated ✊

  3. “Agenda 2030” -“The Great Reset” UN/Rothchilds/Rockefellas. “Divide and Rule-Divide and Conquer” So this is set up to control and dominate to take over. and as Gates put in “Depopulate the planet by 95% by 2030”. So I’ve looked into Reform and don’t think they are “Controlled Opposition”. Maybe not agree 100% on everything but this will kick in contra the Globalist Elites far more than running off to live in a tree. 😉

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