Steve Hatton Truth Bombs Stockport Council

Steve Hatton was the Vote Freedom supported independent candidate for Marple North ward on Stockport Council in May 2023. Whilst not elected Steve has demonstrated that it’s still possible for freedom campaigners to have a significant impact at council level.

Here Steve uses his right as a resident to ask a question at an open council meeting. He takes the opportunity to share some of the environmental costs and impacts of electric car production with Councillors who are considering changing the council vehicle fleet to EV.

Lodging questions to be asked at council meetings is a powerful tool available to all of us. It is a valuable opportunity to provide elected representatives with information that runs counter to the state narrative. We’d encourage everyone to try and make use of this tactic. The democratic services section of your local council should provide yu with guidance as to how to do this. If they don’t or are obstructive in any way please let us know.

Steve’s question is recorded here

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