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Rob Petch.
Independent Candidate .
Dogsthorpe Ward.
Peterborough City Council.

Two thirds (66%) of the UK population think that the UK Government is corrupt, thats according to a recent survey, and was voiced in the House of Commons by one of the few MP’s standing against yet another Bill to reduce our freedoms. Now that comes as no shock, in fact its quite encouraging that now much more people are now starting to realise that the current Government does not represent them. When you take the time to look at the way the MP’s vote on various Bills, you’ll soon see that only around 5% of the current MPs represent the interests of the British public. Its not just the current Government though, when you look over the last few decades and beyond, you’ll see a pattern, that keeps repeating.


 Its not a pretty sight, year after year they do deals that line their own pockets and benefit their sponsors. Dodgy deals and dissapearing money are rife. In the last few years alone they’ve reduced your freedoms right under your nose, at the same time they’ve made you worse off financially, and things continue to worsen.

ALL the top three Parties are without doubt the same. They go under different names, in order to keep control, but the vast majority of their MPs are nothing more than career Politicians, well off, often from rich backgrounds. They’ve all attended the same Private Schools, are members of the same Secret Societies, they bat for different Parties in order that them and their type always keep controll. The illusion of choice. Its a con that has kept them in power since Parliament began. Sure sometime you get a good Politician (1 of the 5%) goining places, but when this happens they’ll do everything in their power to discredit them or remove them from the Party. They’ll use Mainstream media for character asassination when they can’t be bought. So whether you Vote Labour (under its current management), Lib Dems or the Tories, you are still effectively voting for the same Super Rich few that control them all. It is a misconception that voting for a smaller Party or an Independant is a wasted vote, thats what they like you to think. In fact as long as you keep voting for one of the current main three Parties, then your vote is wasted. If you don’t vote at all, then you are gifting power to the Super Rich. Only about 23-37% turn out for Local Elections , and 60-73 % for General Elections. Imagine what a difference the rest of the voters would make, if they made the effort.


Councillors who are member of one of the three Parties already mentioned, are under control of their Party, remember that. Thats why you don’t have Councillors speaking out about your rights and freedoms, speaking out against corruption at the top, speaking out against the cost of fuel, food and utilities. Biut those aren’t local issues some of you may say. Not true, they affect everyone, so are most deifinetly a local issue. Imagine if the Local Councils weren’t under the control of the Labour and Tories, they could turn around to central Government and say enough is enough.

So use your right to vote, use your vote to make a better, fairer place for you and yours. I’m standing as a candidate in the Local Elections so i can try and make a positive difference.

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