Rebellion Tour. York. 28th October 2023.

Speech by Vote Freedom Coordinator Jonathan Tilt at the York event last Saturday. Jonathan launches his bid to be elected Mayor of West Yorkshire and details how the campaign will be used to champion freedom.

3 thoughts on “Rebellion Tour. York. 28th October 2023.”

  1. Jonathan Tilt, a very interesting speech. Alot of truth in what he is saying.
    Covid was a trial run ( lockdowns, social distancing). Now they are trying to implement CBDC and Digital ID!!.
    A brave speech.

    1. Of course the covid farce/plandemic/scam/ bullshit was a total try out to see just what we’d take in the form of their manufactured misinformation and disinformation along with all their embezzlement in the scam! People’s heads need to roll on this!

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