Predators Versus the people. Book launch.

book cover for launch

By Emily Garcia.


Predator versus People. Book Launch.


Real Left are hosting a meeting in Stockport, Greater Manchester on
Saturday 22nd June from 5-7:30pm for the UK book launch of: ‘The
Predators versus The People: The Big Picture of the 500-Year Secret War
against Humanity and how to regain our Stolen Planet, Freedom and
Future’ by Mees Baaijen.

The book’s central thesis – which incorporates the revelations of other
revisionist historians and establishment figures as well as the author’s
own research – is that a global mafia or ‘glafia’, have, over the course
of five centuries, through the spread of the usurious private banking
system via a succession of ‘proxy’ empires, gained the power to
orchestrate today’s end game of ‘Farm Earth’: a techno-feudal prison for
all humanity.

The book, the outcome of ten years of full-time research, offers
thought-provoking answers to some of the burning political questions for
Great Reset resisters including:

·         How far back/deep does the conspiring go?

·         Are there individual states which currently lie outside of the
encroaching totalitarian system or does the Fourth Industrial Revolution
conspiracy involve a global united front?

·         Which individuals or organizations sit at the top of the
hierarchal system of power and control?

·         Can we accurately characterize this existential threat as
capitalist or communist (or neither)?

·         What can we do to effectively resist?

Mees resides in Costa Rica and is on a short European tour to promote
the book.  Therefore this meeting represents a rare opportunity to enjoy
an in person discussion with him (and other like minds).

As a special gift to Real Left supporters and subscribers, a
subscription to The Predators versus The People substack, which includes
a free download link for the book, is available for a limited time only
for just £12 (70% discount). The book is only available in digital
format for the time being.

Cash donations on the day to cover room hire and light snacks will be
gratefully accepted. To register your place and for exact venue info,
please email: or book your ticket via our
Eventbrite listing.

Places are limited so we advise prompt booking.

There will be a post meeting pub social for those that wish. We look
forward to seeing you there!


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