Paula Button Roberts

Penistone West. Paula Button-Roberts.

Hello to all
My name is Paula Roberts I am a butcher and baker in our own shop on the high street in Penistrone.I have lived and worked in Penistone for 28 years and have enjoyed my time among you all as you made me welcome and made me feel at home. Penistone has changed a lot since my arrival here and some of the changes I feel have been detrimental, I feel its time instead of having the mainstream parties representing us It is time to get an independent person to represent the people in
our community so as to address our wishes for our town.

I do not know how many of you are aware of what is happening around the country because the mainstream media are not reporting on issues that are happening now and the councils do not seem to be inviting the public for consultations but rather making decisions and going ahead . The issues I refer to are 15 minute cities where by the government want everyone to stay within their cities possibly incurring fines if they go out of it , ULEZ/ Ultra Low Emission Zones these areas have number plate recognition camera on with a view to fining you if you go through , In Sheffield certain areas have this already imposed without having consulted the people first! Business are being seriously impacted by this and their protests are falling on deaf ears. The other issue is LTNs/
Low Traffic Neighbourhoods . Councils are putting huge square planters on peoples roads and streets so traffic cannot get through this includes emergency vehicles, All this is being done on the back of climate change, We certainly have a lot to worry about including digital ID and the loss of cash.
We the people need to stand together and make sure our voice is not only heard but acted upon and that is my intention to stand for all our rights to protect our freedoms and our unalienable right to travel without hinder. Small business is struggling this includes local markets who have just had to suffer paying not only for the space but the table that stands on it effectively paying for the same space twice!! Closed
roads fines and diverted traffic is coming our way unless we get ahead of the plans for our town, I will do everything I can to keep the people of Penistone aware of what’s going on so that we can all act on policies that we do not consent to . A vote for me is a vote to keep your freedom, I urge everyone to vote for their local independents as we are working together for the same issues that will be coming to our town soon ,
Thank you for reading
Paula Roberts

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