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Not 4 Sale

Vote Freedom Coordinator Jonathan Tilt is standing for election as West Yorkshire Mayor on 2nd May 2024.  As the only independent on the ballot paper he has a real chance of causing a significant upset. But as always we really need your help to try and get Jonathan elected on 2nd May. Details below on …

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Jonathan Tilt. LSB interview

Jonathan Tilt was interviewed by Kris Brooks from LSB films. Jonathan and Kris discuss the West Yorkshire mayor campaign, why elections are a unique communication opportunity. They also delve into the dangers of supporting the freedom fraud that is Reform UK. Link to interview here 

Buses, trains and bikes. Can you escape from a 15 minute zone?

An interesting and sinister development.Public transport and to a lesser extent cycles present a real problem to those trying to impose 15 minute cities on us.Trains, buses and bikes offer a means of escape from the control zones. Previously they’ve been presented as not cars and therefore ” a good thing” in the simplistic virtue …

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Blair’s Legacy. It’s Not About The General Election.

Blair’s Legacy. It’s Not About the General Election.   Politicians, the political Twitterati and their various assorted followers are currently obsessing about the date, timing and outcome of the next general election. The remaining 98% of the UK populace remain comatose at the prospect, but will eventually be provoked out of their slumber and around …

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Vaccine Injury. Sharon Eyre Speaks With Kaela Banthorpe.

Interview with Sharon Eyre. Sharon talks candidly about her devastating vax injury, the immediate aftermath and her ongoing everyday struggles. Sharon doesn’t think anyone cares in the scheme of things. There’s no financial help or recognition of what happened to her, she has just been left to flounder. And she isn’t alone. Sharon has found …

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not for sale

Mayor to Mayor. Nick Buckley and Jonathan Tilt discuss their respective mayoral campaigns in Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire. Transport, policing and farming are all discussed in detail.  You don’t punish politicians by not voting. More information on both campaigns at and Nickbuckley4mayor.

Energy Bill.

By Karen Blott. The new Energy Bill introduced by Government ,The Long Title covers the following: Regulation of the energy market Carbon capture and storage Licencing Security Hydrogen production Low carbon heat schemes Hydrogen trials Independent Operator and Planner Gas and Electricity Codes Heat networks and load control Energy performance of premises Resilience of core …

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Wake Up !

By Graham Hemmings. Seriously y’all, wake the hell up!So much has changed since 2019:Pandemics, crashed economies, failing institutions, schools and hospitals literally collapsing, Net Zero, climate “crisis” – the manufactured reasons to be fearful and compliant goes on and on…Do you think it is just coincidence or incompetence?Fear makes you dumb, deaf, and blind and …

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Vaccine developers warned of “ADE” – could it cause catastrophe this winter?

By Miri Finch. For more content by Miri please visit “I understand the importance of accelerating timelines for vaccines in general, but from everything I know, this is not the vaccine to be doing it with.” So were the prescient words of scientist and vaccine developer, Dr. Peter Hotez, in 2020, regarding the coronavirus …

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Have You Been Drilled For Compliance or Resistance?

By Jonathan Tilt. Vote Freedom Coordinator. David Halpern head of the Government’s behavioural Insights Team- otherwise known as the Nudge Unit- recently claimed that Britain has been “drilled” for a future lockdown and the populace would comply with measures such as face masks and stay at home restrictions because they had practised and essentially passed …

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Katherine Macbean

Katherine Macbean, Vote Freedom Coordinator and joint founder gave a presentation in Paulton on 20th April. Katherine whose work within the wider freedom movement is both prolific and essential was focusing on the  People’s Alliance. She discusses how we can, and must, build the safety nets of the future for our communities. Unlike the current  …

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Jonathan Tilt speech

Huddersfield Rally

We had a highly successful campaign day in Huddersfield Town Centre last Saturday 29th April.  Several hundred people listened to speeches focused on resisting the digital enslavement agenda. The press were represented by The Huddersfield Examiner and the Wall Street Journal. In the Kirklees Council elections in Thursday there are 7 Vote Freedom supported Independents …

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huddersfield train station


A quick reminder that Vote Freedom are combining with Piers Corbyn (Let UK Live) and Debbie Hicks ( Keep It Cash) for an afternoon rally and outreach event in Huddersfield on Saturday. Please come and join us and help our respective campaigns. Vote Freedom are supporting seven independent candidates in the Kirklees elections on 4th …

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Penistone Campaign (Free Bacon Sandwiches)

Vote Freedom are supporting two independent candidates in Penistone, South Yorkshire. Paula Button-Roberts in Pensitone West and Amanda Griffin in Penistone East. The wards have about 12000 households and we are trying to leaflet them all. Penistone has a history of electing Independent candidates and with Paula’s high local profile we genuinely believe we have …

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Steve Hatton

Steve Hatton.

Steve Hatton is the Vote Freedom supported Independent candidate in the Marple North ward of Stockport Borough Council. He was interviewed by Kaela Banthorpe to discuss why he is standing and what he hopes to achieve. Link to the interview here 

jonathan tilt at Birmingham rally

Birmingham Rally

Vote Freedom founder and Coordinator , Jonathan Tilt, spoke at the Birmingham Freedom Rally on Saturday 15th April. Jonathan is VF supported Independent candidate on 4th May for Denby Dale ward of Kirklees MBC. You can read more about his campaign at Link to Jonathan’s Birmingham speech.Jonathan Tilt speaking at Birmingham Freedom Rally. 15th …

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Sam Goody


Sam Goody. VFP Supported Independent Candidate. Lichfield District Council and Burntwood Town Council. Prominent freedom campaigner and real food activist Sam Goody is standing in the local elections on 4th May 2023. Sam is standing in Burntwood for the Town Council and for a seat on Lichfield District Council. Sam has helped Vote Freedom recruit …

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Brian Silverster. Kaela Banthorpe.

Brian Silvester interviewed by Kaela Banthorpe.

Brian Silvester of the Putting Crewe First Party was interviewed by Kaela Banthorpe on behalf of the Vote Freedom Project. Brian has been a consistent and long standing campaigner for effective local democracy operating outside of the mainstream parties. He has consistently campaigned against government overreach over the last three years. Putting Crewe First are …

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Josie Mccabe. VFP Supported Independent Candidate. Almondbury. Kirklees

Josie Mccabe is the VFP supported Independent candidate for Almondbury Ward on Kirklees Council. Almondbury is a suburban area on the south side of Huddersfield. The Vote Freedom election model enables candidates to select their level of association with the project. This is fundamentally different to how a political party operates. There are about 100 …

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Human Caused Climate Change. Fraud and Fiction.

With many of our 300 supported Vote Freedom Candidates campaigning against 15 minute cities its essential we address human caused climate change. The fraud and fiction that undepins the whole scam. Chris Quartermaine has been a campaigner against climate alarmism for 30 years. In the following article he demolishes the myth that human CO2 emissions …

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Rossendale Candidates Briefing Session. Friday 24th March.

There will a briefing session for anyone considering standing as a candidate in the May council elections. The venue will be the Whitewell Bottom Community Centre, Rossendale BB4 9LD. There is no need to confirm attendance in advance please feel free to just turn up. Vote Freedom Coordinator Jonathan Tilt will explain the elections and …

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