Mayor to Mayor.

Nick Buckley and Jonathan Tilt discuss their respective mayoral campaigns in Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire.

Transport, policing and farming are all discussed in detail. 

You don’t punish politicians by not voting.

More information on both campaigns at and Nickbuckley4mayor.

2 thoughts on “Mayor to Mayor.”

  1. barry paul robinson

    Rick Debono has a very informative video on the cause of this tyranny we are under threat from and has identified the link to the control of all Governments.
    It appears that the Fair Trade Act contract now used by all has a ghost paragraph enabling them, Black Rock, etc with the “Investor’s rights” to control all Governments, this is why all politicians are staying quiet except for a few.

  2. Brian of Sussex. Son of percy william

    By taking part in the voting farce, you are supporting this corrupt system and thing will never change.

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