Little Holland. Coming to Town Near You.

By Jonathan Tilt. Vote Freedom Coordinator.

In the process of supporting Vote Freedom Independent candidates I’m getting lots of Information about the local climate action plans from across the UK. Whilst these all lead to the same thing – 15 minute cities- the language used to disguise this is devious and sinister. So to date I’ve come across

Little Hollands

Garden Cities

Active Neighbourhoods

Community Engagement Districts

Green Zones

Turning my attention to my own campaign in Denby Dale in Kirklees I’ve finally got round to downloading the relevant climate action plan.

So it looks like we are going to have ” Liveable Neighbourhoods” in Kirklees. Sounds wonderful but no prizes for guessing what it will look like.

A couple of little gems from the detail of the plan

– We are going to have traffic lights that prioritise low emission vehicles. So if you’re not in an electric vehicle you can expect to wait at the lights for an extra 20 minutes. Not too sure how that works for the vehicles behind you. But as none of us will be in vehicles anyway it doesn’t really matter much.

-And Kirklees are going to be using schools for “transport training” as education morphs still further in to indoctrination.

We can and must stop this tyranny. Please download your local climate action plan, pull out the detail, put it on a leaflet and then stand as an independent candidate in the May elections. We may not get another chance.

If you’d like to be a candidate email If you can help me or the other Kirklees candidates campaign please also get in touch.

If we try we might not succeed but if we don’t try we are guaranteed to fail.

2 thoughts on “Little Holland. Coming to Town Near You.”

  1. I would ask who has come up with that traffic light policy. What is the science that supports leaving a combustion engine ticking over for 20 mins, how is that environmentally friendly.
    What is their recycling policy on electric cars as the early ones are approaching end of life.

    1. This was my first question. Where is the logic in having fossil fuelled engines wait longer? What if those vehicle types are for those that are exempt? Seriously flawed concept.

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