Just Let Children Be

By Kaela Banthorpe.

Just Let Children Be

Message to the government, local authorities, NHS, charities, big corporations and anyone else meddling in the health and minds of our children. (Not that any of them are remotely interested in what I have to say but I need a rant and maybe if more of us ranted and challenged this madness less children would fall victim to the crazy amounts of meddling currently going on.)


STOP trying to make our children ‘resilient’ and START making the world they are growing up in a lovely place to be. Please.

There seems to be an endless obsession with children being told they are miserable, have poor mental health, emotional problems… They are encouraged to over analyse themselves, look inwards all the time, focus on their identity, ‘stay safe’ in this dangerous world and so on and so on. Some children genuinely do have problems to manage and overcome and every day can be a challenge so stop insulting those that do need help by pushing every child to think there must be something wrong too.

Who the hell would want to be a child these days! Especially those at the mercy of the woke liberal left whose extreme warped views disguised as equality and kindness are amongst some of the most dangerous I’ve ever come across. And what is more, they are most certainly NOT child friendly. Just take a look at the material being shared in Personal Social Health and Economic (PSHE) lessons up and down the UK if you want to see how far gone they are. Where exactly have some of you grown ups left your sensibilities and your moral compass?! For the love of our children please get a grip!

The list of troubles and the even bigger list of new fangled ‘remedies’ are growing every day. Lots of you are profiteering from this growing trend. Some, dare I say, enjoy poking around in children’s heads and getting them to think there is something wrong because wonder of wonders, you just happen to have several solutions up your sleeves: “go see a counsellor; join an online support group; change your name; tell everyone you’re a victim; be offended and every time you’re offended make a big fuss and call everyone a racist or a bigot or a transphobe. If it’s really bad, take lots of pharmaceuticals, maybe mutilate your body… and don’t worry because sometimes we don’t even need to let your parents know, it can be our secret.”


Aren’t some of you parents yourselves? Aren’t you worried about the mess you’re creating? The damage? The upset? Do you not see how sinister all this is?

How is focusing on the negative all the time and going on and on and on about everything that must be wrong going to help our children be happy, balanced, healthy kids?! 


It isn’t! (I realise this is the agenda but more people need to call it out.)

Give up filling children’s heads with problems and misery. You’re screwing up a whole generation. Just STOP.

Instead provide children with opportunities to feel good, to be happy, to learn new skills and insights. Teach good values, teach about nutrition and exercise and then provide loads of opportunities for kids to play, to get involved in their local communities and have fun!


Your overreach into their lives is not welcome. Nobody is enjoying this. In fact I haven’t come across one proponent of this misery factory for children who is actually happy themselves. Don’t drag the next generation into your bleakness. The children I know actually like being happy.


Let parents parent. Let teachers teach.

Let kids be kids.

(If you agree with my rant then please do your own with the powers that be and tell them we’ve had enough. Consider standing as an independent candidate in elections and use this as a platform to stand up for our children. There’s plenty of support available.

And of course most importantly, speak to your children, find out what makes your children happy… and then go make it happen.)  

3 thoughts on “Just Let Children Be”

  1. Millicent Fullwood

    Totally agree it’s about time people stop these so call government puppets making any decisions in ours children education we need a completely new system it’s rotten from top to bottom and we all need to take individual responsibility and take back control!

    1. You are perfectly correct, Unfortunately we are being controlled by a traitorous evil government with treachery against the indiginous british people, against our heritage and even the present King is in with Klaus Shwaub and the plans of the WEF to destroy our land by flooding it with peoples without a pasport health certification or any identification! To change our way of life as a sovereign nation, destroy our health system, our social system, also our childrens welfare and schooling! Those few psycopaths who control this nation that existed for over a thousand years has now become a STAZI STATE! Now they intend to bring in CBDC track and trace Commie style and so take away our human rights and privacy!

  2. We don’t want our 5, 6, 7,year olds to learn about sex, we don’t want LBTG what ever screaming at us and our children,we want our children to be able to go to a school that teachs reading writing,maths, and we certainly don’t want peole trying to tell us that if we don’t afirm our childs agener at the point of birth it’s abuse,

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