Josie Mccabe. VFP Supported Independent Candidate. Almondbury. Kirklees

Josie Mccabe is the VFP supported Independent candidate for Almondbury Ward on Kirklees Council. Almondbury is a suburban area on the south side of Huddersfield.

The Vote Freedom election model enables candidates to select their level of association with the project. This is fundamentally different to how a political party operates. There are about 100 candidates in the May elections who have been helped by the project but are not formally connected with us. Others such as Josie are publicising their association with Vote Freedom and we will be featuring a number of them over the next few weeks.

Josie, like most of our candidates has never stood in an election before. Explaining why she has decided to do so this time she said.

“My name is Josie McCabe. I am 55 years old this year and have decided to stand as a District Councillor for Almondbury on the 4 May 2023

The main reason I am standing is my belief that the political parties are all bound to their party policies and are not free to serve the best interests of Almondbury or the community that they are elected to serve.
I believe at local level we need more independent councillors on local councils to ensure the interests of the people community and businesses are being served above all else .
In my opinion Councillors who are elected belonging to a party follow the wishes of their party not their voters.
My second reason for standing is that I want to stop the 15/20 minutes cities or neighborhood zones. These are already being introduced in Oxford, Bradford and even more places in England. These must be stopped at all cost. They go against the rights and principles of the common law of this land and people’s human rights within it.
I am passionate about protecting our rights and freedoms and have lived in Almondbury for over 25 years. I will not be bought, manipulated or side tracked from my beliefs and my determination to represent my community. We need genuine freedom orientated independents on Kirklees and other councils to prevent the 15 minute city agenda. Ultimately I am doing this for the sake of our children’s future freedoms.”

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  1. Brilliant, I have seen no supportive literature Josie – do you have any I could put in my Almondbury shop?

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