And If There Isn’t an Independent…….?

There are about 1900 independent candidates standing in the English local election on 4th May.  About 300 of those have been supported in some way by the Vote Freedom Project. But there are more than 8000 seats up for election. So most electors won’t be able to vote for an independent let alone one who supports personal freedom and liberty. So what should they do? This is one of the most frequent questions we are being asked at the moment. So I will attempt to answer it below. 

Firstly we don’t instruct or guide people to vote in anyway. It’s obviously down to each individual to make up their own mind.

Secondly if there isn’t an independent candidate in your ward please make sure there is one next time by standing yourself. We will help you do it and it’s not at all difficult.

Beyond that our suggestion is essentially the same as that from Lawyers of Light which we have reproduced below. Spoil your ballot paper. And spoil it with a message that you want to be read by the Councillors and MPs who will be at the count. I’ve been to many counts over the past two years, they are boring beyond belief. The only real highlight is the review of spoilt papers where the candidates and other worthies gather round to read various obscenities that have been scrawled across ballots. So take the chance to get a powerful message in there.

From Lawyers of Light.


I can make my vote count in the local elections…… vote independent or spoil the ballot

Around one third of all registered voters do not vote in elections. These are potential protest voters.

So, if you do not have an independent candidate to vote for, then consider making your vote still count – as a protest vote to send a message to the establishment that no candidate standing is suitable for you. This could be because you feel they are supporting globalist technocratic control policies, or for other reasons.

Simply strike a line through all candidates and write “NONE” on the ballot paper to send a clear message, as this will spoil your ballot.

The number of spoiled ballots have to be read out. Imagine if the number is 30%

Make your vote count by voting “NONE” if there is no independent candidate, or other candidate suitable, to vote for.

There’s no reason to be silent.

2 thoughts on “And If There Isn’t an Independent…….?”

  1. Millicent Fullwood

    Thanks you for the information provided I don’t think that there’s anyone independent in Hammersmith & Fulham at least I haven’t seen any independence candidates, so if you know of any please let me know?

  2. martin cruttwell

    As this is aconstitutional matter I like to think thst ismy speciality and for General Elections I have written a complete exposé of the party system for any interested individuals.
    What a for=midable weapon you have as an Independent by exposing the crimes that unbridled POWER of the Party System gives to the corrupt. I therefore offer my e-mail: for anyone seeking this information.
    Since you need POWER to abolish the party syStem and they won’t do that to themselves, we/you have to destroy the party system by exposing its evil features, so that no one except the feeble, corrupt and greedy will touch it.
    Many famous leading lights of the party system have declared to me they will stick with the system.

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