Facebook. The Ministry of “Truth”

By Denise Boot. Vote Freedom Coordinator.

I set up my Facebook (FB) account about 15 years ago. I know FB is a toxic place. Indeed, I have direct experience of being trolled. It’s awful. However, I thought the toxicity came from FB users. Nope. FB itself is not just toxic, it’s sinister.

I can’t decide whether to draw an analogy with an abusive relationship where lies & manipulation are used to gaslight or whether to refer to George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth in ‘1984’.

Let’s go with the George Orwell one. It’s a long time since I read ‘1984’. However, it becomes ever clearer that what Wikipedia describes as ‘dystopian novel’ is in fact a somewhat portentous novel. One might even say a docudrama of alarming accuracy.

I stopped posting on FB back in 2021 in response to the censorship that was occurring. However, I left my account there because, as someone who is self-employed, FB is THE best marketing tool. It’s also useful to know what’s going on where I live, events, workshops, theatre, markets etc.

Just recently I joined a page, Look Up! that focusses on the incessant chemtrails we are seeing across the UK. I quickly became part of the admin team & at the same time left a variety of comments about chemtrails on a number of posts across different pages. I then received a notification from FB saying, ‘my recent post’ contained ‘false information’. The ‘fact checkers’ referred to a movie, “Climate: The Movie (The Cold Truth)”. The thing is, as I’ve already said, I’ve not actually posted anything since 2021. Indeed, until I’d received the notification from FB, I’d never heard of the movie they refer to. So, if anyone is guilty of ‘false information’, it’s FB!!!!!

I’d report it but if I do, FB state that they will record all information about my account, including the device from which I report the issue!!!!!

Over on Instagram the other day, I saw a post made by Dr Dave Cartland who quoted John F Kennedy (1917-1963) seven days before he was assassinated, he said:

“There’s a plot in this country to enslave everyman, woman & child. Before I leave this high & noble office, I intend to expose this plot’.

Instagram’s ‘fact checkers’ said that this is ‘false’.

So, historical negationism is not just the domain of the Ministry of Truth in “1984” then.


2 thoughts on “Facebook. The Ministry of “Truth””

  1. Yes David,
    I can empathise with all of that.
    JFK was talking about freemasonry, although (from memory) the name wasn’t actually vocalised. There is a recording on YouTube of his address to journalists, shortly before he was assassinated.
    Let FB try to deny that!

  2. President John F Kennedy’s address to the American Society of Newspaper Editors, is the proof that FB’s denial is nonsense.

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