Energy Bill.

By Karen Blott. 

The new Energy Bill introduced by Government

,The Long Title covers the following: 

  • Regulation of the energy market
  • Carbon capture and storage
  • Licencing
  • Security
  • Hydrogen production
  • Low carbon heat schemes
  • Hydrogen trials
  • Independent Operator and Planner
  • Gas and Electricity Codes
  • Heat networks and load control
  • Energy performance of premises 
  • Resilience of core fuel sector
  • Offshore energy production (licensing, control of the environment, decommissioning)
  • Civil nuclear sector (nuclear constabulary)

It’s approximately 400 pages long and there are roughly 140 pages of amendments.

The Bill has already passed through the House of Commons with only 9 votes against. It is now in the House of Lords. 

Key areas of concern

  1.  The smart meter will allow the provider to control the amount of energy you consume
  2.  S.248 (2) Individuals can face up to £15,000 in penalties
  3.  S.248 (3) says Regulations (this is a statutory instrument made by Ministers) can impose criminal liability for noncompliance with a regulation and impose a punishment of imprisonment for a period not exceeding 12 months.
  4.  Energy providers may enter your home, with the police to replace your meter (at the end of its life) with a smart meter

There is clearly a debate to be had on “climate change” and whether or not CO2 emissions should be reduced but regardless of individual opinions on these issues I’m sure all can agree that this is an infringement of our liberty. It gives energy providers the right to control an individual’s heat, light or other form of energy usage, a Minister to create an unspecified Regulation in relation to energy and impose a prison sentence for breach of that Regulation and grants certain corporate bodies and/or their agents the right to enter a property without the owners or occupiers permission. This level of control is virtually feudal.


More detailed information is available here


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2 thoughts on “Energy Bill.”

  1. There needs to be further consultation. Smart meters dont work, overcharge, danger to health and contain a sim card we are all paying for.
    Think it through

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