General Election Candidates.

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There will be a UK general election at some point before January 2025. The date of the election is determined by the government and we will only get about 6 weeks’ notice.

There are 650 constituencies across the UK all of which will be contested. Each constituency has about 80,000 voters in it.

We desperately want to stand as many pro-freedom independents as possible in this election. If the result from that election is clear cut then there won’t be another general election until 2029/30. We genuinely believe that most of the steps towards implementing ideas such as Digital ID, Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), 15/20 minute cities with financial penalty, low/zero car use, Net Zero, WHO Treaty and other measures will likely be complete by then. By 2030 it will simply be too late to use the ballot box to provide opposition.

We have to use the next election to effectively platform and publicise what is happening. And we have to try and get some Independent Representatives who vlaue the 8 principles into parliament to disrupt and campaign from the inside.

Please don’t think that there is someone better qualified or suited than you.  Stopping these limits to our freedoms needs each of us to step up and play a role. So we need 650 people to step up and contest parliamentary seats for us.

We are working on a section to provide detailed guidance on how to stand and campaign. At this point it is worth noting the following.

  1. Standing for parliament costs about £2000 as a minimum. We are recommending that candidates start crowd funding now and we will help you do that.
  2. In a general election you will get free delivery of a leaflet to every household in the constituency. We will provide you with the tools to produce that leaflet.
  3. The sooner you start a social media campaign and start to build a receptive local audience the better. Again we will help.
  4. You will get some local media coverage. There are election rules about fair and proportionate coverage. This is an opportunity to get a counter narrative out to a wider audience.
  5. You are going to get some local attention. Thats the point. Our experience of standing in elections over the last three years is that most people will respect what you are doing even if they don’t agree with you.
  6. The most effective campaign method is canvassing- knocking on doors. With about 50,000 households in the average constituency this is an enormous task. So you need to start building a campaign team now
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