Karen Blott. Corby and East Northamptonshire

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By Jonathan Tilt

Karen Blott is standing as an Independent candidate in the Corby and East Nothamptonshire constituency in the general election on 4th July.

I’ve known Karen for several years. She is a committed freedom fighter. Karen would make an excellent representative for both the Corby constituents and the wider freedom movement. 

To confirm her candidacy Karen needs to raise at least a further £200 by Tuesday 4th June to cover deposit and leaflet costs. If you can please help by contributing to her crowdfunder.

Karen explains her reasons for standing 

Me, I’m a widow and I live in the village of Ringstead in the Corby constituency. I left school at 16 with very few qualifications. I took my GCSEs and A levels in just 2 years, as a mature student. This was followed by a Bachelor in Law, a Masters in Business Law, then a post graduate in Education, all this whilst raising 5 kids and working. As you see, I’m used to a challenge.

I’ve worked all sorts of jobs, from sweeping up in a hairdressers to teaching in a Uni and a prison; writing for a local newspaper and doing stand up comedy. I think I’ve got a broad set of experiences and skills.

After nearly 100 years, of almost universal franchise, what has changed? Well quite a lot actually but none of it for the better. MPs, Government and PMs, no matter what colour they are, have only made things worse. War, poverty, immigration, bankrupt councils gobling up money, presumably spent on inflated salaries, certainly not services.

These very same MPs who have done so little of a positive nature, have the audacity to tell us what we can do, say or where we can go. They behave like our masters, constantly making up rules to add more control. Rewilding, 20 mph zones, 15 minute neighbour hoods,

Did we ask for this? Nope. I think it’s time we the people had MPs who knew their place who worked for us, not themselves or vested interests.

Remember this. We pay them

I’m just an ordinary person like most of you. I’m not a careeer politician and I’m not tied to any party.

So what changes would I like to see and be part of?

The answer is many but I can’t cover them all here. But if you ask me how I feel labout any issue I’ll yell you. But here are some things I believe we should be striving to achieve:

A Vote for policy not a party
A move to ALL MPs being independent
MPs to have no job outside of Parliament.
No. Government contracts with friends or family members. None, Zilch
A reduction in MPs salaries
A reduction in laws e.g. licensing – marriage, driving, fishing. Transport. – speeding, bus lanes, low emission zones.
A return to freedom of thought, expression, movement and bodily autonomy.
Indpendent policing. Let them fight crime not get involved in political or social issues.
Absolutely no war made by ‘elites’ that we have to pay for financially and with our lives. We should decide who and who is not our enemy.
A secure border manned by our military and the clearance of migrant hotels.

Why vote for me?

I can’t promise to be the best informed on all topics but I can find out and I can promise you this.
I will be 100% honest and work for you, not a party, business, or myself
I will always give you an honest answer, even if you don’t like it. I just hope you will give me the opportunity to explain myself.
I will fight for honest debate and the abolition of government and corporations paying media, education and scientific institutions.
I will advocate for a reduction in Police bureaucracy and the return of the Police constable not officer and for constables to focus on fighting serious crime and leave people to go about their daily lives in peace.
I will press for the reintroduction of trial by jury and serious crimes to be given seriously tough sentences
I want to see a free and independent media






2 thoughts on “Karen Blott. Corby and East Northamptonshire”

  1. Millicent Fullwood

    That’s exactly what how it should be by the people for the people and good old fashioned common sense

  2. Well said Karen.
    There will be many around the country that support you and the issues you described. Well done.

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