Buses, trains and bikes. Can you escape from a 15 minute zone?

west yorkshire bus
An interesting and sinister development.
Public transport and to a lesser extent cycles present a real problem to those trying to impose 15 minute cities on us.
Trains, buses and bikes offer a means of escape from the control zones. Previously they’ve been presented as not cars and therefore ” a good thing” in the simplistic virtue signalling methodology.
Expect attacks on these transport modes to step up as they are transformed into being ” bad things”. Bikes will be attacked on safety grounds, buses and trains on cost. And true to form the BBC is setting the ball rolling here

2 thoughts on “Buses, trains and bikes. Can you escape from a 15 minute zone?”

  1. If we are monitored 24/7 by technology, it may be difficult to walk, run or cycle without Big Brother knowing! I guess we could take off a fitbit and leave the mobile behind but if they are under the skin, that will be a tad more difficult. Real-time location tracking systems would be the norm in “smart” cities. They will be sold to us as a good thing and for our own safety, so this is a battle for minds as their introduction should be openly debated.

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