Blair’s Legacy. It’s Not About The General Election.

Blair’s Legacy. It’s Not About the General Election.


Politicians, the political Twitterati and their various assorted followers are currently obsessing about the date, timing and outcome of the next general election. The remaining 98% of the UK populace remain comatose at the prospect, but will eventually be provoked out of their slumber and around 65% of them will oblige by voting for their respective red or blue donkey.

And for what it’s worth I personally suspect that that election will be on 2nd May 2024 and that Labour will win it. If I’m right then, at least in England, it won’t even be the most significant event taking place that Thursday. It’s importance to the freedom movement will be eclipsed by the mayoral, police commissioner and perhaps the council elections taking place simultaneously. And for that bizarrely we have must thank Tony Blair.

The Blair government introduced elected mayors and police commissioners alongside other constitutional innovations such as limited House of Lords Reform and devolution to three of the four constituent nations of the United Kingdom.

Blair was not planning on laying the foundations for our future liberty. On the contrary I’m convinced he intended to introduce the enabling infrastructure for future erosion of our freedoms. How much simpler to act through individual mayors and police commissioners than be dependent on local councillors, police committees or backbench MPs.  Individuals appointed by the two-party machinery would be easier to coerce and control when any local restrictions were introduced in the future.

Blair’s biography on the world Economic Forum lists the introduction of elected mayors as amongst his most noteworthy achievements. I believe he was deliberately laying the foundations for what we experienced in 2020-22. Elected Mayors led the statist charge. They campaigned for greater and earlier restrictions often under the guise of securing more funding for their areas. To my knowledge not one elected mayor or police commissioner stood up and challenged the statist narrative and covid hysteria. So, it looks like Blair’s WEF sponsored plan is working pretty well.

But there is a catch and one that I suspect the globalists have only latterly realised could be their achilles heel. As the mayoral and PC elections are for one individual it is entirely possible that an independent or small insurgent political party could capture one of these posts. It’s difficult but as you only need one candidate, £20,000 of funding and perhaps a bit of luck it’s not impossible. Contrast this with the situation at a General Election where several hundred candidates, a nationwide machinery and several £million of funding are necessary just to enter the contest nationally.

The Yorkshire Party (YP) secured nearly 10% of the vote in West Yorkshire Mayoral election in May 21, they have never managed more than 4% in a parliamentary election. YP are fully compliant with the statist narrative, they just want a bit more money for Yorkshire. But if they could do it then the potential for a genuinely insurgent candidate to do better and secure election was a real prospect. The government responded to this stark warning by changing the electoral system for mayors from supplementary vote to first past the post. According to Chloe Smith the Cabinet Office Minister this was to prevent apparently “loser candidates” from securing election (First Past the Post to be introduced for all local mayoral and police and crime commissioner elections – GOV.UK ( More probably it was to try and prevent a “winner candidate” from outside of the two-party machinery securing real power. They were worried that Blair had left the back door open and their agenda might be disrupted and called out by a libertarian inclined mayor. The move to first past the post makes it harder for independents but still not impossible. The door is still ajar.

Mayors have both real world powers and a media platform and to a lesser extent so do Police Commissioners. The powers vary from mayor to mayor- depending on what local councils were willing to relinquish in return for additional funding. Most commonly they cover policing, transport and housing. These are areas of critical importance to future lockdowns, fifteen minute cities and the moves to medical and climate fascism. Just one elected mayor would have the potential power to disrupt and delay those plans. Several elected mayors acting in concert could provide effective push back. Ultimately, I believe we just have to disrupt and delay the one world agenda.

Sunak v Starmer makes little difference. Both will willingly implement the one world agenda, the pace may differ slightly but the destination is the same. No other party or movement has the infrastructure or support from the legacy media to make any meaningful impact at a general election.. Reform UK will simply split the Conservative vote and because of that I believe they will poll closer to 3% that they are getting in by elections than the 10% that some of the managed opinion polls are currently suggesting. Either way first past the post will ensure that they don’t secure any seats. Individual independent candidates with a high local profile such as Sam Lee in Hartlepool do have a real prospect of causing upsets. Independent MPs will provide a valuable platform for calling out the Uniparty narrative but they won’t change the colour or nature of the next government. The parliamentary system will isolate and marginalise them.

I’m standing to be West Yorkshire Mayor on 2nd May 2024. You can see my full manifesto at . Manifesto – Jonathan Tilt. Independent Candidate West Yorkshire Mayor 2024. ( There will be other independent candidates such as Nick Buckley in Greater Manchester. Ideally we would have a genuine pro freedom independent candidate standing in each of the 11 mayoral and 43 police commissioner elections on 2nd May 2024. Whilst the world is focused on the general election perhaps just one or two of us might be able to slip in through the back door which Sir Tony has kindly left unlocked.



Jonathan Tilt


Independent Candidate for West Yorkshire Mayor 2024 and Coo-oordinator if The Vote Freedom Project (



6 thoughts on “Blair’s Legacy. It’s Not About The General Election.”

  1. I’m against all and or any mayors!/This country does not need them, we always had local govt and a mayor was always only a figurehead. Its just another jobs for the boys! Mayors will do and have done anybody’s bidding who drops the biggest backhander in his/ her pocket! If you think Blair has left any door open for the benefit of the masses then you are really deranged, and who wants to support someone who is deranged, we already voted for a deranged person in the massmurderer Blair and look where that for us! P.S, just look at the shit Khan is dealing out to working class people!No thanks!

  2. Very smart and you are so right. Blair was the real instigator. Very best wishes and great respect for your endless energy and strength in this war for our future.

  3. Interesting article. We have to look at all ways to stop this top down agenda. If that means playing them at their own game, so be it.

  4. Much in agreement with Jonathan this was originally published by TCW.
    Already we are being bombarded with media speculation about the coming
    election. What theMSM or even GB News ( though I have explained it to them) will NOT tell you about is that “the whole party system is the Marxist revolution against our lawful constitution”.
    They all earn a living endlessly commenting on the “contest” instead of explaining why it is a fake contest.
    It is a fake contest because it is not “democracy” or the “will of the people”
    but an artificially contrived choice or “elective dictatorship”.(Hailsham)
    What I call the “manifesto package trick” means that the voter is faced with a bogus choice created for them by the parties.
    The Party System means that the constitution cannot keep the POWERS separated and our liberty intact and even “new” parties like REFORM are a continuation of the revolution, because they ALL strive for POWER over us.
    This means that when you vote you are deemed to be CONSENTING ( vip word) to the entire contents (65 to 100 pages) of the “manifesto package” of your choice, (which nobody reads) and you probably decide thanks to a single leaflet through the letter box!!
    It is this enforced consent to the “collective” manifesto which is so dangerous. Let me illustrate.
    In 1970 most Tories voted for the “traditional law and order policies” In so doing they consented to the entire “package” even if they did not realise the significance.
    Our membership of the EC was part of Heath’s Conservative “package” .
    Billed as only a “trading bloc no more no less” but we got 48 years of
    increasing interference. Despite Hailsham warning us in 1970 “It is the
    Parliamentary majority which has the potential for tyranny” …..we got
    the tyranny we voted for because the PTB tell us this is “democracy” and we believe them. .
    48 years of servitude in the EC took place despite our lawful constitution allowing us to appeal to the Sovereign for redress.
    750,000 of our signatures to the Queen were ignored., thanks to the TORY PARTY and its Treason. Our petition was ignored because the party system decrees the Monarch must act on their “advice” even if Treason. But ANY Party would have been empowered to act likewise and we would have been helpless!!.
    The tyranny was repeated in 2019 when Boris got an 80 seat majority and we got Lockdown, Net Zero etc.
    In other words YOUR PARTY MP does not represent you, he/she represents the party program TO YOU through the “manifesto package trick”
    Big difference.,
    “as long as we backbenchers vote after the debate in the way the Whips tell us, nobody cares much what happens during the debate” Julian Critchley MP. (Con).Readers Digest. Nov 1989.
    If after every election you feel powerless this is why. Most party MPs are “camp followers” ! Even if they are not, they have consented to the “collective” SYSTEM and the “single elective authority” of a government inside the Commons..
    Immigration heads the list of concerns. Note how this Marxist-inspired invasion provides endless millions of our taxes to provide the invaders with what they need and we are POWERLESS TO PREVENT IT.. “….to each according to his need” (Marx)
    In 1979 Thatcher said “we are being swamped” but did nothing.
    In 2015 Cameron was elected by promising to “reduce to tens of thousands” Immigration increased..

    In 2019 when Johnson was elected it soared. In other words, a vote for any PARTY “package” means loss of control.
    Given the required “majority” demanded by the PARTY SYSTEM we enable them to pass any law they like and to crush the resistance of the native English. Note how many “positions of influence” are now occupied by non-white faces. Deliberate, according to David Mellor.
    The EU was obviously an attack on our sovereignty as individuals and as a nation. Obviously mass immigration is an even more lethal attack because it is so much harder to undo, once territory has been ceded.
    Readers must be asking “why are our politicians doing this to us”?
    Because they are controlled by FEAR.
    I leave the reader to work out which group is most vociferous in support of mass migration and creates the climate of fear. The clue is it is as old as the Bible.
    Voting Reform Party in understandable desperation merely shows you don’t understand the SYSTEM of “divide & rule” regarding POLICY and that you believe there is such a thing as a “good party”. . This shows a sad lack of understanding of both the constitution and the party mechanisms, one or two mentioned above.
    A vote for Reform or any other minor party guarantees that either the revolutionary “right wing” or the “left wing” of UNIPARTY gets re-elected. The constitutional separation of powers so vital to our liberty remains destroyed. The Marxist revolution continues unchecked.
    This little game, arranged for our control keeps us from voting for a LOCAL TRUSTED INDEPENDENT and uniting behind our constitution which is the real democracy.
    The implementation of HS2 and Net Zero in “manifesto packages ” illustrates perfectly the danger of consenting to everything BEFORE it has even been properly discussed and evaluated.

    The result is your having to fight endless campaigns AFTER THE EVENT to RESCUE THE SITUATION. The only way to stop this is to return the choice of government to the Crown At least then the Ministers can be chosen from the whole population for their skills and experience and every policy can be examined one at a time before implementation. There will be no “election manifestos”
    Have I made myself clear? I won’t wish you a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year as you won’t get one if you leave this matter unresolved.
    Feel free to contact me. I am in North Yorkshire.

    1. Wow, you have just summed up my intuitive gut feeling of we all need to abstain from voting en mass so as to “Not to consent” .

      I actually feel true reform would be in form of a “Jury duty” type system instead of MP’s. 1000 everyday normal people across UK to serve 3/6/9/12 months (choice for them). Paid £100k p.a. tax free, would make it worth anyones while, proud to serve . Once served can never return, no more career politicians.

      Normal everyday people, plumbers, nurses, mums, dads etc. Attend at local government offices so we can turn the Houses of Parliament into a tourist attraction. No influence from lobbyists, WEF, London etc etc. They get to vote on behalf of the people independently.

      And just to ensure the game is NOT rigged by the civil servant’s, make corruption, influence from outside forces, a treasonable offence.
      Life on a chain gang breaking rocks and death penalty for involvement to conspire against the British peoplem, (think harmful medical interventions etc). And as for that Monarchy, scrap it.

      Reckon that would work. Problem solved. :-p

      Now, how to make that happen ?? leave that one with ya haha

  5. Although the election may be between Red and Blue, like the States we need an outlier such as Robert F Kennedy Jr. I think the country is not only hungry for change but is prepared to stick its fingers up to the establishment. With this in mind I predict there will be a lot of votes (maybe not seats) for the smaller parties, either in the form of a protest vote or for the Torries that do not want to support Sunak or Starmer. The smaller parties are often seen as too fringe, but with what has happened in the Netherlands and Argentina and global disillusionment with the Bollotics, the smaller parties can gain ground, such as the first non-political party NONPOL who are certainly a small and unusual party, having coined a new form of politics called ‘UP Politics’. See them at

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