Have You Been Drilled For Compliance or Resistance?

By Jonathan Tilt. Vote Freedom Coordinator.


David Halpern head of the Government’s behavioural Insights Team- otherwise known as the Nudge Unit- recently claimed that Britain has been “drilled” for a future lockdown and the populace would comply with measures such as face masks and stay at home restrictions because they had practised and essentially passed the test. (Behavioral Engineering: Britain drilled to accept lockdowns in future, says ‘nudge unit’ chief — Puppet Masters — Sott.net)

Even leaving aside the hideous economic, societal, and mental and physical health consequences that are directly attributable to unlawful lockdown during 2020/21 this is an objectionable and abusive statement. But it is also a very revealing comment which gives us a valuable insight into the behaviour of our enemies.

The statement is revealing in many ways. Was the Covid plandemic always meant as a dress rehearsal or are statists such as Halpern simply trying salvage some form of minor victory from the catastrophic mistakes they made in 2020-22? Halpern references the future use of lockdowns alongside measures such as mask wearing which are presumably only relevant in a health basis manufactured crisis. So, is this a clue that their next move will be another plandemic and not climate based lockdowns?

Most odious is the arrogant assumption that population can be managed and manipulated and the total lack of compunction about openly discussing this in a public form.

I firmly believe that the globalists and their statist puppets like Halpern have badly misjudged the situation and that it is their arrogant assumption in their own superiority that has caused that misjudgement. The same arrogance will result in future unforced errors. It will ultimately result in their defeat.

But Halpern also has it totally wrong- and its very reassuring that he doesn’t even realise this. The great takeaway from the covid tyranny is that a significant minority of the population have now been drilled for non-compliance and resistance. The state had a massive advantage in April 2020 as we the opposition were, with a few exceptions, disorganised, disjointed and far from ready to join battle with our enemies. The situation when the next fake pandemic is launched will be very different. Compliance with lockdowns or whatever other insane mandates are tried will be challenged from the start. The key networks are all in place. More significantly we have all been hardened to the concepts of resistance and non-compliance. And our numbers will be much greater. The critical level of 15% non-compliance will be reached much more quickly, and the state will be forced in to either backing down or launching into full scale tyranny. Once they choose the latter- and eventually they will- then the game is completely over and the open repression will expose the whole state agenda as a scam. They are terrified of our numbers and at that point we will be able to mass resistance to their agenda. That is the very reason for the existence of the Nudge unit in the first place- to try and prevent mass popular mobilisation against the state and globalist control agenda. So Halpern is demonstrating both his arrogance and his stupidity in one short statement.

2 thoughts on “Have You Been Drilled For Compliance or Resistance?”

  1. Millicent Fullwood

    I absolutely believe that Hapern will live to eat his words they seriously underestimate us! Thank you blessings and light!

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