Sam Goody. VFP Supported Independent Candidate. Lichfield District Council and Burntwood Town Council.

Sam Goody

Prominent freedom campaigner and real food activist Sam Goody is standing in the local elections on 4th May 2023. Sam is standing in Burntwood for the Town Council and for a seat on Lichfield District Council. Sam has helped Vote Freedom recruit and coordinate other candidates in Staffordshire.

Sam recently spoke at the Birmingham Freedom Rally you can hear her inspirational speech by clicking here. Her campaign leaflet is below.

Explaining why she is standing as an Independent candidate Sam said

“Smart cities will be implemented through your local councils. We know the election system is rubbish but it is one of the few avenues available to us. By standing I am already ruffling feathers in my local council. I will continue to do that whether I am elected or not”.

sam goody leaflet

7 thoughts on “sam-goody”

  1. Well done, Sam. You are saying all the right things. I wish you all success and can only regret that you are not standing for us in Somerset. Best wishes.

  2. Thank you for the words of support everyone !

    Good luck to all the other candidates

    Onwards and upwards – common sense MUST prevail !

    Sam Goody

  3. Wish you were in my Hampshire (East Hampshire District Council) Constituency… 😔, but wishing you the very best of luck! 🤞

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