Bitterne Park

David Thomas Kelly
Independent Candidate
Bitterne Park
Southampton Council

My name is Dave and I am a father of 4, an ex self-employed flooring fitter, a current Construction teacher, an allotment holder, dog walker, vehicle user, cash user and an upholder of rights and freedoms.

I have lived in Southampton since 2007 and in Bitterne Park since 2009. Bitterne Park is where I have chosen to raise my family due to the sense of community, family friendly facilities, the work that SO18 Big local do and fantastic events such as TriFest and All Aboard in the local area.

I worked in my father’s small family run flooring business before starting on my own as a self-employed flooring fitter in the local area for several years. When the economic crash of 2008 came my business took the hit and I re-trained as a teacher. I now work part-time teaching Construction with children who find mainstream schooling difficult for various reasons.
  • I understand the current challenges facing self-employed and small local businesses.
  • I understand the difficulties of the current energy rises and cost of living.
  • I understand the impact that the loss of essential services, such as our local GP service amalgamating and the closing of community spaces, has had on our older population’s health and wellbeing, as well as those with limited means of transport.
  • I understand the needs of families having raised my children over the last 11 years in the local area.
  • I understand the need to maintain and protect outdoor spaces from development
Over the years I have been vocal in my opposition to the closing of local services such as the Cobbett Road Library and the walk-in centre in Bitterne. Sadly, “being vocal” doesn’t get a vote in council decisions. Those decisions are in the hands of the councillors, most of whom are under the party whip of whichever Political Party they represent.
I am standing against Net Zero policies that will disadvantage local businesses, self employed and essential workers.  Net Zero policy is using penalties to encourage “low/zero car use” such as the 15/20 minute city implementation that is hurting places like Oxford today with a drop in business footfall and an increase in air pollution to the unclosed roads.
I will make constituents aware of local matters and will take constituents matters to the council.
I will engage with constituents via social media, post and in person at Local Council surgeries so I can get the opinions of those who live in and work in the ward and vote accordingly. I want the people of Bitterne Park’s thoughts on Council matters so that decisions aren’t made on Political Party priorities and will take the needs of constituents into account, whatever they may be.
Bitterne Park currently has two Conservative Councillors and one Labour Councillor. As an Independendent I am able to vote as Bitterne Park’s representative – true democracy.

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