They Are Coming For Our Children

By Kaela Banthorpe.


It’s now a familiar phrase, often repeated, chilling… “They are coming for our children.” 

We tell each other to “stand firm.” We tell ourselves we will always be in the way, protect our children from the agendas raging at them: the relentless pharma drug pushing damaging their bodies: the warped ideology battering their minds; the eternal normalising of victimhood killing their power; the replacement of reality with impersonal online communication altering their social lives and relationships…the digital and surveillance worlds threatening their freedoms.

The list is endless and I for one am exhausted. I’m sure you are too. Especially as all of this is as ubiquitous as the grey, rainy, miserable days imposed upon us these days.

I’ve said NO on behalf of my children so many times now, it’s become almost an everyday response to most shit… “No I do not consent to [insert the latest damaging nonsense here.]” Maybe insert a yawn or two along the way as well. It’s all getting a bit boring this saying NO business. I have perhaps become a little complacent of late, worn down by the constant NOs and almost lulled into thinking we are over the worst now. I have the odd rant and go off on one but most of the time I’m thinking, “It’s OK kids, I’ve got this. I mean school know, the NHS knows, our friends and family know… They’ve heard me say NO so many times now too. It’s all cool. No need to worry.” What is more, the threats to mask, test, quarantine and inject our children has abated…. And anyway, the evil ones always do everything with consent…. and I don’t consent so… it’s all going to be OK. Isn’t it?

Except it might not be OK soon. Remember, “they are coming for our children.” They might take their pressure off the accelerator now and then and let us coast a bit but the engine is still running and their feet are never far away from the pedals, ready to suddenly move us forward, go up a gear or two… they just might take a different route.

Maybe all this time they’ve been working on our children and chipping away our parental influence. Maybe while I (and countless other parents) have been enjoying the lull in proceedings they have been plotting their next master stroke. Maybe the next time (which might be sooner than we think) they won’t need our parental consent, they’ll just need our children to be ever so slightly worn down, ever so slightly brainwashed… The teachers are already on script and demonstrating how easily they follow government mantra over the wishes of parents. Recent personal experience has shown me very clearly how little influence I have as a parent as far as school is concerned. Yes I still have a voice of course and I use it loudly and regularly but does what I say have any impact? Make any difference? I think probably not that much. 

All the evil ones need for the next manufactured crisis is for the children to consent. We’ve all heard of Gillick competence now. We’re all familiar with the controversial sex education being thrust on our children whether or not we agree with it. Slowly slowly catch a monkey? Paving the way?

There are whispers in the wind that another ‘big viral scary thing’ is going to be unleashed upon us in the not too distant future, coincidentally (who believes in coincidences any more though seriously?) coinciding with a certain immunisation programme. Please read the recent excellent article by Miri Finch who suggests the new blanket immunisation of secondary school children for ‘flu’ will provide all the symptoms one would expect of a ‘big viral scary thing.’

My instinct is we need to educate the children and quickly so they have the courage to say NO themselves. And the quickest and most effective way to do this is through popular culture. Make it cool or trendy to be super healthy and toxin free? Make it the ‘in thing’ for them to say no to jabs, not a rebellious one?

And of course use the electoral process in this country to raise awareness locally about the issues of consent and protecting the innocence of our children. The majority of parents only want the best for their children and would gladly add their voice to the cause. 2023 looks a lot different to 2020 and 2021. You only have to look at the comments on mainstream articles about sex education and trans ideology in schools to see that thousands of parents are appalled and shocked at the way things are going. Maybe more would get behind this if they realised their parent power is being stripped away?

Please talk to your children too, encourage them to think for themselves. Direct them to role models in popular culture. Some do exist.

I fear we can no longer rely on us as parents to hold the line. Our children need to join us too… and mean it!

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