Vaccine Injury. Sharon Eyre Speaks With Kaela Banthorpe.

Interview with Sharon Eyre. Sharon talks candidly about her devastating vax injury, the immediate aftermath and her ongoing everyday struggles. Sharon doesn’t think anyone cares in the scheme of things. There’s no financial help or recognition of what happened to her, she has just been left to flounder. And she isn’t alone. Sharon has found …

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Mayor to Mayor.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CqunlFq36U Nick Buckley and Jonathan Tilt discuss their respective mayoral campaigns in Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire. Transport, policing and farming are all discussed in detail.  You don’t punish politicians by not voting. More information on both campaigns at jonathan-tilt.co.uk and Nickbuckley4mayor.

Energy Bill.

By Karen Blott. The new Energy Bill introduced by Government ,The Long Title covers the following: Regulation of the energy market Carbon capture and storage Licencing Security Hydrogen production Low carbon heat schemes Hydrogen trials Independent Operator and Planner Gas and Electricity Codes Heat networks and load control Energy performance of premises Resilience of core …

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Wake Up !

By Graham Hemmings. Seriously y’all, wake the hell up!So much has changed since 2019:Pandemics, crashed economies, failing institutions, schools and hospitals literally collapsing, Net Zero, climate “crisis” – the manufactured reasons to be fearful and compliant goes on and on…Do you think it is just coincidence or incompetence?Fear makes you dumb, deaf, and blind and …

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Vaccine developers warned of “ADE” – could it cause catastrophe this winter?

By Miri Finch. For more content by Miri please visit www.informedconsentmatters.co.uk “I understand the importance of accelerating timelines for vaccines in general, but from everything I know, this is not the vaccine to be doing it with.” So were the prescient words of scientist and vaccine developer, Dr. Peter Hotez, in 2020, regarding the coronavirus …

Vaccine developers warned of “ADE” – could it cause catastrophe this winter? Read More »

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