helen lasham

Helen. Lasham. Calder Ward. Calderdale MBC.

Independent Sovereign manifesto.
I’d like to see us cooperatively create a better, more open future for ourselves and our children. I’m a woman not a chest feeder.
Things I’d like to see are:-
1. Welcoming of open debate sessions ( NO more suppression of information or discussion. How can Legacy media be replaced by New Media?
2. Freedom of choice for NHS personnel including your GP. Who are big pharma and how much influence do they have on your health?
3. Investigation into corruption. Police, gas companies electric companies, water companies housing, 5g rollout. How do these decisions affect your life day to day and who are the decision makers?
4. Small business support – local jobs for local people independence encouraged. What’s happened to our high street’s, where are our pubs and meeting places gone and why?
5. Education investigation to see how parent choice can be at the heart of our children’s future. Do you trust your local school?
6. Overall accountability – No more Matt Hancock style manipulation of gov, media. How can we bring the corrupt to account?
7. Law for the people – Empowering people in Natural law. Education Law, knowing your rights. Do you feel like law is working for the people?
8. Spirituality – your right to choose to seek guidance and comfort from benevolent force, who shut down the church’s? Where do we begin with forgiveness and wisdom?
9. Climate action. Let’s expose the plans for 15 minute cities. Halt it all and investigate. Have you been bamboozled into believing a lie? 10. Regular face to face questions for those in our civil and political leaders. Filmed and shown to any voter in any constituency. Do you feel empowered to join the decision making? Independent candidates can ask the questions presently ignored by political leaders who don’t lead, but follow the party line. Let’s interrupt this self destructive train that legacy politics has us on. Agenda 20/30 Return the creative power of government to the people.
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