Lyubka Vesselinov. BuckHurst Hill West Ward. Epping Forest.

Lyubka Vesselinov is standing as an independent candidate for a District Councillor Epping Forest Council. 4th of May 2023
Married, a mother of two, she has lived in Buckhurst Hill since 2012. 
A graduate from the London School of Economics with a degree in Public Policy and Administration. Lyubka served as a World Bank consultant for over eight years on curbing corruption in revenue agencies around the world. That career came to an end with the birth of her first child. 
Lyubka cares deeply about honesty and transparency. She is passionate about preserving our traditional way of life without forced digitalisation or excessive surveillance. 
While technological advances may have many benefits, they must only be used in service to the people. Not to usurp their privacy and freedoms. 
What Lyubka unreservedly stands for:

·         Full transparency regarding forthcoming projects likely to affect the community in any significant way such as 5G installations, which have been shown to be dangerous to life, but which we now see in close proximity to schools. The same goes for the installations of surveillance cameras on the roads, which remain full of pot holes. Or the implementation of ULEZ, 15-minute cities and other mechanisms of superfluous control. The community must always be consulted on any project that would affect our health, landscape, businesses, etc.

·         Preservation of traditional family values and way of life, as we have had for generations, and ensuring continuity of what we hold precious for the generations to come. And this means for parents to preserve their final say regarding the content and manner of offering sex education at schools. Adult themes have no place with young audiences. There is not a single benefit from gender fluidity in schools since it only achieves confusion in the precious young minds. 

·         Upholding our God-given freedoms beautifully codified in the Magna Carta, the Acts of Settlement, the Bill of Rights and all of the foundational documents underpinning the rule of law in the United Kingdom. If we do not have rule of law in society, we have no reason to call ourselves civilised. Both local and central governments have over-reached and over-stepped multiple boundaries, breaking the people’s trust and vote of confidence. This must be brought to a stop and it is up to us. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. 

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