Brian Silvester interviewed by Kaela Banthorpe.

Brian Silvester of the Putting Crewe First Party was interviewed by Kaela Banthorpe on behalf of the Vote Freedom Project.

Brian has been a consistent and long standing campaigner for effective local democracy operating outside of the mainstream parties. He has consistently campaigned against government overreach over the last three years.

Brian Silverster. Kaela Banthorpe.

Putting Crewe First are standing 30 candidates in the local elections on 4th May 2023. The candidates are spread across East Cheshire Council and Crewe Town Council. Brian and his colleagues are standing for all 20 seats on Crewe Town Council compared to the Conservatives who have only managed to persuade 8 people to stand for them.

Vote Freedom are pleased and proud to endorse Brian and Putting Crewe First. Brian has also provided practical help and advice to Vote Freedom supported candidates across England.

The interview can be viewed here (21) Brian Silvester of the Putting Crewe First party is interviewed by Kaela Banthorpe. – YouTube

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